Executive Search Redefined
Our Difference

The Manell Group is the first purpose built executive search firm designed to help clients address the need for real talent advisory services – unlike traditional retained search firms. We were formed to address the challenges created by industry approaches and financial models that have remained stagnant for more than 100 years.

Our platform is unique and without silos found in traditional retained firms. By offering a breadth of capabilities in a not-available-anywhere-else way, we approach the challenges of each client as opportunities.
Our Key Differentiators
How do we guarantee access to the right candidate? As a member of the Qualigence Group, the Manell Group leverages the expertise of more than 25 years of executive search research and support activities Qualigence International is known for. Through primary and secondary research, our global database of executives, and our past engagements, the Manell Group has a depth and breadth of access to candidate that cannot be duplicated.
  • Largest in-house research organization in North America
  • Global Market Mapping Capability
  • Diversity Identification and engagement
How to we ensure the quality of our process and candidates? Each Manell Group consultant is paid for their time and expertise, unlike a traditional retained search firm. This professional services model aligns our interests with that of each client – the right candidate for the right reasons. Our rigor in ensuring quality is evident in our honest assessment of each candidate, underscored by our belief that there is no perfect candidate.
  • Unbiased candidate assessment and presentation
  • In house PhD for assessments, on-boarding support, etc
  • Assessments based on skills, competencies and values
How do we provide value? The Manell Group model is structured to provide value to each client. Our hourly search fees of $250 – $400 per hour result in an average cost per hire of less than 27% of a candidate’s base salary (Traditional firms are based on first year total compensation), saving clients more than 40% in fees on each search.
  • Professional Services based compensation model
  • Average Cost Per Hire of 18-25% of first year base salary
  • 12 month guarantee for each placed candidate
Can we provide diverse candidate slates? The Manell Group provides itself on the ability to identify and develop candidates that are diverse in race, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. As each search is unique, we create a comprehensive research and search strategy to completely canvas the marketplace within an industry and/or function. The resulting data provides us with a road map to engage with candidates that reflect the realities of our world today.
  • Ability to map diversity within specific markets, functions, and industries
  • Benchmark your organization against your industry
  • Proactive outreach to specifically identified and targeted candidates
Our Search Process
TEAM Graphic

It all starts with the right TEAM

Each executive search engagement is supported by a highly-qualified team of consultants dedicated for the duration of the project. These three pillars ensure a successful outcome to the search by applying their expertise and consultation through various stages.

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Defining the role is the critical first step in the executive search process. Understanding the expected deliverables of each role with specific KPI’s is a key component to determining candidate success. The process of defining includes; Position profile development, Values alignment, Competency alignment, Cultural alignment, Talent advisory, and Purpose alignment.
Key to properly executing any search is the ability to develop a sourcing strategy that brings not just available and known candidates, but the right candidates. Beyond what is available in the public domain and our proprietary database and personal Rolodex, Manell Group leverages the more than 25 years of research and sourcing experience that Qualigence International is known for. This is the same service provided to 7 of the top ten retained search firms in the world.
Each Manell Group Consultant focuses on engaging with each target candidate to first uncover insights regarding their interests, aspirations and motivation. Upon understanding what drives each candidate, then and only then, is a specific opportunity presented to persuade prospects to consider. Executive candidates make career decisions for various reasons – respected each individuals drivers is critical to full and open engagement
Once engaged, each identified candidate is subject to rigorous skills and competency based interviews. Our propriety methodology identified the core DNA of each candidate – Dimensions of Necessary Attributes; Skills/Experience, Attitude, Competency, and Culture Fit.
Each qualified and assessed candidate is presented in an objective manner. Since our compensation is based on an hourly model and not a percentage of compensation, we guarantee complete objectivity. Each candidate is presented with an-depth written analysis that is compared to the defined candidate specifications and includes strengths and areas of concern. Since perfect candidates do not exist, our ability to maintain complete objectivity increases your ability to select the right candidate in full transparency of where performance may need to be managed.
Proper candidate selection is only successful when the entire search framework works in unison. Matching potential candidates to specific executive positions must be conducted in a similar systemic approach. Natural biases, errors due to unstructured interviews, and other common issues must by clearly addressed and consistently applied to all candidates.
Research shows that the first few weeks and months to an executive’s tenure are critical. Getting the on-boarding process right can dramatically improve the time-to-productivity of any business leader. Proper assessments in the early stages of the process will provide insights on how to best onboard a new hire.