Scott Wilson

Principal Consultant

Scott’s early career was within the manufacturing industry, where he led operations and logistics for a global organization. He was drawn to recruiting as staffing was one of many facets of his role and he enjoyed building and developing relationships with potential employees. With a recruiting career that has surpassed 15 years, progressing from contingent staffing to corporate recruiting and now executive search, Scott brings a diverse background and skill set to Manell Group. His career has allowed him to manage highly engaged teams, both domestic and global, within multiple industries.

In addition to leading recruiting for internal and external clients, Scott has also built and led company training programs around recruitment and selection and has led continuous learning initiatives designed for a variety of learners, ranging from hourly staff to executive leaders. Scott has always looked at his work with an analytical eye and enjoys understanding the data that drives business. This has led him to take an analytical approach to both his work and the work of his team. He provides great transparency to his business partners and does not shy away from difficult conversations. His ability to collect market demographics and share feedback with an open and honest communication style provides critical information for his clients, allowing them to make the best informed hiring decisions possible for their organizational needs.

Client, Organization, and Industry Experience

Scott’s diverse career has afforded him the opportunity to work on behalf of clients ranging from independent operators to Fortune 50 companies. Whether identifying hourly support staff or developing executive board members for industry leaders, the importance of seeking to find an individual’s primary motivators and working as a trusted partner to assist in helping them fulfill those wants and needs is rooted in the same people first process. This approach has allowed Scott to lead his own teams with a coach’s mentality, leveraging strengths and improving weaknesses. His career has been built on one standing principal which simply states: People should feel passionate about the work they do each and every day. Then, it will never feel like work.

Areas of Expertise

  • Operational Leadership
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Professional Staffing and Recruitment
  • Supply Chain
  • Learning and Development
  • Transportation and Logistics

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